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The host, his face is familiar but what his name, worked hard to bring up the atmosphere.

Finalists and again, what's their name? Jonathan and who? Jasmine?

Olinda Cho, the most recognisable face because she's from the first Idol series which I did watch a little plus all those advertisements on diet and beauty.

This young lady in green was the most animated among the idols as she waved and waved throughout.

Daphne right? I wonder if it is in their contract to do this type of one off show every now and then when they don't even have a proper singing career.

Holding the mic like she's singing, and look at all those cameras below.

Slyvester was indifferent after his singing career came to an abrupt end.

Taufik and Hardy, must be tiring for them to run around during their fasting month.

I'm second time lucky. I just had my camera with me for some other reasons and chance upon this event at Jurong Point yesterday. Too bad I did not have the right lens for the job and had to do massive cropping in all the shots you seen here so far. My telephoto lens would do much better given that all the vantage points had been taken up when I took my spot for shooting. Had to resort to holding my camera high up to take 'blind' photos since Alpha do not come with live preview. Sheesh...

At some distance away from stage, I had to avoid raising arms of camera phones too.

There isn't much hype and the crowd size is much less than the time when S.H.E. was down at IMM doing some promotion of sorts. The idol powers are waning I guess given the massive drop in viewership and the number of idols/superstars/fillinyourblankshere in Singapore.

One head among the rest. You can see there's plenty of breathing space around the centre.

Perhaps due to the Canon Photo Marathon held at Suntec, I didn't see any photographers using power gear to cover this event except one. Either that or people are just not interested in idols anymore.

She's so well hidden that I almost did not spot her. I heard that security would stop photographers using big white lens, maybe that's why she is doing it tactically.

All photos here are taken with the Sony Alpha A100 with the 18-70mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens.


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